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All Surveys - Honorarium/Incentive Payment Questions

What does it mean when the survey invite states that one must "qualify for and complete" the survey in order to receive the honorarium/incentive?

All of our surveys that promise payment will ask you some initial screening questions to determine if you qualify for a survey. If you do not qualify for a particular survey, it simply means the survey's requirements do not match the answers you have given. Occasionally, you can fail to qualify for a survey if the survey's quota is full (meaning that the survey has received enough completes from a specific category of respondents). In either event, if the survey is not available for you to complete, the survey will indicate this to you on the screen.

Completion of the survey means that once you have qualified for the survey, you must answer all of the remaining questions in the survey until you reach the end or a "thank you" page. Generally, if you see a screen that asks for your name and contact information for payment purposes, then you will have completed the survey. If you do not complete all the required screens in the survey, you will not receive your payment.

Both of these conditions must be met in order to receive the promised honorarium/incentive.

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